Kate Care’s goal is to be helpful and needed for the family.

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Kate Care’s goal is to be helpful and needed for the family.
Kate Care’s mission is to provide every child with safety and parents peace of mind and confidence in the exceptional quality of service.

CPR Certified, Flu vaccine

35 years old with years of experience in kindergarten/school/camp

Clean background and driving record

Master of Arts in Teaching Education

Teacher-speech therapist, Author of a course for classes with children

Course for babysitting

We provide services

Prices start from


depending on the selected package of services. Exact information can be obtained by writing to us.

Kids drop off/pick up (take the child to school, sports clubs, or any events at the parent’s request)

Kids developing classes (children’s motor skills, logorhythmics, finger gymnastics)

Rollerblading/swimming lessons

Educational nanny (projects, sing songs, play inside, read books, lego, etc)

Why are educational classes for children so important?

If you want to teach a child to speak, then you need to engage not only in training his articulatory apparatus, but also to develop motor skills: finger movements.

What is fine motor skills? The expression “fine motor skills” refers to the movement of small muscles of the hands. Hand motor skills are associated with the development of speech and it interacts with thinking, imagination, memory, observation, coordination and attention. It is also necessary to develop fine motor skills for the reason that the whole future life of the child will require him to use coordinated and precise movements of the hands and fingers: buttoning and unbuttoning buttons, tying shoelaces, putting on and taking off clothes, drawing and writing, working with a computer, etc. It would seem simple, but a person will not be able to do any of this correctly if his fine motor skills are not developed.

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